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Like honor & passion, excellence & inspiration,
we are a team that values the balance and blend
of best practices with the best talent.
At SPEARS & ARROWS, we hold the importance of storytelling up there with the essential necessities of life, a sustaining force that feeds our senses and souls with not just ideas, but answers to the world around us. This is why we attack our jobs as warriors because, let’s face it, the art of the story needs some preservation these days.

Our greatest assets at SPEARS & ARROWS are the weapons we yield. These are sharp, pointed and aimed to hit the heart of every beautiful idea that comes our way. We’re talking of course about Wit, Passion, Intelligence and Artistry, characteristics that we foster and value on the highest level. Our talented and inspired team have come together from different walks of life and found a safe haven to generate inspired work, each bringing a unique voice and insight in their voice. Together we form a united clan of creative thinkers that attacks a job from concept to finished product. We work seamlessly with our client to provide solutions and produce award-winning, ground-breaking content for the modern world of advertising and break-out content creation. We are a team that values the balance and blend of best practices with the best talent.

For those looking for an epic journey where simple stories come to life with characters that are real, funny, memorable, unique and inspired – start your journey with SPEARS & ARROWS. Our headquarters are in the heart of Hollywood, where the story in moving form came to light many years ago.
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Corporate Headquarters
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Jason Wolk
Managing Director | Founder

main office: +1.323.694.7000
cell: +1.213.804.4743
efax: +1.818.301.0466
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Anthony Jackson
CFO / Controller

main office: +1.323.694.7000
efax: +1.818.301.0466
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Craig Houchin
Head of Production

main office: +1.323.694.7000
cell: +1.818.331.0615
efax: +1.818.301.0466
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Laura Rife
Sr. Accountant

main office: +1.323.694.7000
efax: +1.818.301.0466
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Brad Grubaugh
cell: +1.310.613.3090

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